Most likely your guide for the. No messing. The objective is for you to have fun.
Come join us for some fun splashes.

So it’s not all about the mountains. Fancy a paddle through some ancient landscape, around the Cranogs and all fully supervised by a top qualified instructor. All gear supplied, That’s boats, paddles, buoyancy aid, helmet, wet suit if you wanna wear, booties as you’re taken around the lake with friendly guide who’s there at your service.

View from a canoe, down the lake toward Kings gully

You’ll be given the history of the folk who lived there, back in 1900 and froaen to death, who fought who over a pint of milk. Ya just wouldn’t know the gems you’d be leaving with.

Based on Glencar Lake on the Sligo letrim border, but alternative venues can be arranged maybe. Get in touch with queries. Time on the water is two hours, and probably even a bit longer. This is the norm for our splash and dash sessions, but longer voyages can be arranged. Boats not for hire without instructor, guide and you’ll all be thoroughly briefed on how to steer craft.

Price? €35 pp

Why not make a day or two of it, possibly a morning paddle followed by lunch and a hike to Sligo’s highest summit after to round off the day, or possibly some team-

Rafting up.

building games?

You’re the boss and we’re at your service. Oh, and there might be mud, and possibly a slide?? I heard that somewhere. Sound like fun? Gwon, giz a ding, ya know you want to.


You’d be nearly guaranteed to see an abundance of wildlife for the day.
Remember, capsizing is fun.