Great spot for a cuppa and some cake.

Wheatear/White arse
1st drinks are on me. End of a long hike, nearly.
The hidden village

Don’t matter how you get here. Just get here if you can. You’ll not be sorry.
Queen Meaves Grave,
Twilight magic
Sundown from on high
The breakfast table
Happy birthday to you
Watch out for that hole

Lost in the clouds
Sun set over atlantic from Benbulben
Mmmm, Meringue.
Expedition sweet kitchen and recipes coming along nicely
Boating on Glencar Lake
Can I eat this? Looks kinda like a big fancy spud.
Hiking the roof of Ireland
Top of Eirrigal, our final summit after a long hike
Hope this rock don’t roll
It’s a long way down. Mweelrea the hard way.
Campfire cooking, lovely.