Kit list – Bob

Bob is a name for a bag which remains packed at all times and ready to go. The reason is that for a safe and comfortable day on the hills where the weather is prone to change real fast sometimes, a few basic pieces of equipment and fuel will be required. For some the list can be quite extensive, so running around trying to pack before heading out sometimes things get forgotten. This can often be the one item you wind up needing.

So to combat this the best thing is to not unpack when you get home, unless you got soaked and need to dry things off or check for wear and tear, (this is usually a good time to check for this), so our bags remain packed and ready to go at all times. This is referred to as Bob which is an acronym for “Bug out bag”

What to bring:

   Depending on chosen activity, you could be looking at very different requirements, but as a rough guide, on a hike you should have:

·        Rain gear, tops and bottoms,

         Hiking boots or shoes with decent tread on them for grip,  and preferably these will have good ankle support. Strictly no trainers!

·        Spare dry set of cloths, or at least have em in the car, if you think you’ll definitely get back there in a few hours, but things do go wrong, so you’re best carrying something, and maybe have a towel in the car.

·        Packed lunch and/or snacks to keep you going for the day (these can be provided if requested, but prior notice is essential). Also have a decent breakfast before you go, you’ll be glad you did.

·        Hot or cold drinks depending on weather and preference.

·        Hat, scarf and gloves, even if just light woolen. On the Irish hills I’ve seen hailstones in June

·        A back-pack to carry it all in.

·        I recommend a head torch if opting for a twilight/night Hike, but a decent hand torch is better than nothing.

·        For some, sunscreen or maybe mosquito repellent, some mix with deet seems quite good btw,  or ask prior to hike and depending on weather expected and time of year

·        Any personal medication you may require


Optional xtras

·         Walking/hiking poles can be handy from time to time

·         Gaiters help keep foreign bodies out of ya boots

·         Camera/phone/binoculars/notebook and pencil/field guide

·         Sunglasses,, and not just for sun. Ask to know more.

If you’re short of anything just let me know in plenty of time as there might be some spares available. Just ring and ask if you’ve any questions. Transport and accommodation within Sligo can be arranged if necessary.


Ps, There are some extra things in my own bag which a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily need or want to carry, I carry them all the time and they rarely leave my bag, but I’d not leave home without them, unless for a particular purpose or other arrangements are in place.

Most of the guys ‘n gals I hike with have a different list, but better suited to their needs. In order to find out what’s on the extended list, drawn up from years of experience and training, you’ll have to be nice to me and ask politely. Remember, sharing is caring. I’ll be doing an article covering this shortly, but It might only be available under request. Am still deciding how best to do this. Stay tuned. I know I can hardly wait.

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