Safety statement/ TACs & FAQs

Safety statement:

Adventure activities/sports are unpredictable. They have to be or we wouldn’t be drawn to them as we are. You are expected to know and be aware of this and act accordingly, therefor in the interests of safety, which 1st Adventure Tours and it’s staff instructors and partners consider to be our No1 priority, we expect all participants to comply with all reasonable requests which may be made of you for your own safety or that of the group.


Weather is the boss sometimes and will influence choices which must be made or changed,  sometimes at short notice. Sometimes we may change a route/destination slightly in order to capitalize on the conditions or get the most from your event. Should the weather dictate the cancellation at short notice or during your adventure, we will seek to provide another trip on a date as soon as possible after this cancellation for you.


Details of recommended equipment and or clothing will be sent to you when you book with us or you can check our KIT LIST here. Neither 1st Adventure Tours nor any of our partners can accept responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of your personal property.


During some of our training courses or how to’s, or in some of the team building activities, we will use role play as a tool to facilitate the learning from example of a variety of tasks, to benefit each student present.

It’s a good way to promote the development of each student and it’s never intended to criticize, make fun of or in any way belittle anyone, ever. Whenever it might be used it’s designed to recreate events which do evolve in the real world while leading or are part of a team, so ye should know this is not a personal slight or assessment, but it’s to benefit all.


Niall English and 1st Adventure Tours is covered by a comprehensive Public Liability Policy to the value of €3,000,000

Personal Accident, Cancellation or Personal Equipment Insurance are not available from Niall English/ 1st Adventure Tours or included in service fee. Participants are advised to arrange for an appropriate level of personal insurance cover and particularly if travelling overseas.

Rough weather:

·         If sketchy weather forces us to cancel/postpone part or all of an event, we’ll reschedule the postponed event for another date.

·         We don’t control the weather and we are at times forced, due to safety and experiential reasons to postpone an event at short notice or while a event is underway. In this case you will be offered at least two alternative training dates to choose from.

·         In this case the event fee, either partially or in full is non-refundable, but we’ll provide the event on another alternative date that best suits all concerned.

Point’s worth remembering:

·         By signing and returning a booking form, you are confirming that you’ve read in full and agree to these terms as set out as they apply to your chosen service and booking/s

Due to the nature of outdoor pursuits and the diverse nature of the events that Niall English runs, all clients should seek medical advice if they are in any doubt about their own fitness or health, and to their suitability to attend planned event, in case it should adversely impact on their attendance or endanger either themselves or others.
This should always be done by themselves prior to attending an event. The onus is on the client to fully ensure that they’re suitably fit to attend and take part in event
We retain the right to refuse at any-time prior to or during a course any person / persons who are not fit or capable of safely taking part in a course.

In the event that they receive medical advice not to attend or we refuse attendance, then the booking terms and conditions as set below will apply.

·         Suitable cancellation and or travel insurance should always be purchased prior to booking a course.

Irish – Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a client should cancel a booking/s following payment of a deposit and/or the balance / payment in full of a booking fee/s, then the following schedule of refunds will apply:

·        If a client/s cancel within less than 21 days’ notice of a bookings’ commencement date, then the client/s are liable for the full course fee.

·        In the event of a booking being cancelled within 42 days of the course commencement date, then 50% of the course fee is non- refundable.

·        All Irish based courses which are cancelled, will incur at a minimum a standard administration fee of €75.

* Clients are strongly advised to obtain suitable personal cancellation and or travel insurance.